Going Local in d’Nile

d’Nile is a quaint hideaway with a scenic and romantic patio.  As you have come to expect from Chateau Avalon, d’Nile is one of the most thematic, intimate and fun bars you have ever seen. From our “quicksand” floor to our 8’ tall, gold Egyptian statues, there is plenty to feast your eyes upon.  Our unique menu with top rated wines, spirits, and small plates will give you plenty to feast your taste buds on.  Our award winning staff awaits!

Now, we’ve taken it a step further in d’Nile by going local. Kansas City prides itself with having the best BBQ in America, which rightfully so since we do host the American Royal each year! However, we also have a large abundance of amazing distilleries, breweries and vineyards that offer a plethora of options to choose from. With our big push to becoming more local, we have teamed up with J. Rieger & Co. to bring you their entire product line to d’Nile.

When it comes to liquor, you just can’t go wrong with whiskey. Better yet, J. Rieger has an amazing Kansas City Whiskey that is impossible to say “no” to. Some of the cocktails they list on their website include Mulled Cider, Old Old Fashioned, Genesee St. Sour, Dapper Sipper, Tale of Two Cities, Kansas City Manhattan, Pendergast 2.0, and Horsefeather.

Coffee connoisseur? We know, so don’t try to deny that you aren’t one of the 4 in 5 Americans that drink coffee every day! J. Rieger made your love for coffee even better with their one of a kind coffee liqueur, Caffé Amaro. Some of the cocktails they list on their website include El Muerto, Spirit of KC, Careful Man! There’s A Beverage Here!, and Caffé Tonic.

Vodka Martini anyone? Shaken or stirred? Of course you want it “shaken, not stirred!” Come get your amazing Vodka Martini at d’Nile, which features J. Rieger’s very own Premium Wheat Vodka. James Bond, himself, would relish the opportunity to taste a drink that has such a clean and smooth flavor. Or… get yourself a glass of this fine beverage neat or on the rocks, we won’t judge!

Inspired by our friends across the pond, J. Rieger came up with their own Midwestern Dry Gin that emphasizes the spicy and aromatic characteristics of mature juniper berries. Some of the cocktails they list on their website include Negroni, Gin & Tonic, Gin & Bitters, Farmhouse Fizz, and Daughter of Old Westport.

d’Nile is open to the public all year around! So, come on down and be in denial with us at d’Nile!